Melovine Interview Pictures
I posted a few pictures from the Melovine interview on Facebook, check 'em out… Keep checking back, may have some video posted very soon as well! Radio Melovine Interview ...
And yet again, Channing invited Joel Olsteen out to a show, trying to make a deal, he come to a Melovine show, Channing will go to his, so Joel, ball is in your court as always. After the show we went to Moon Tower-Inn for ...
Show Your Support for Melovine
Show your support by following the link and listen/rate/review, then share it with your friends! Melovine @ Roadrunner SignMeTo.
Request Melovine on Sirius/XM Octane
Got another favor to ask of the Melovine fans out there. We are working to get Melovine on Sirius/XM radio, this would be a huge step for the band. Even if you don't have Sirius/XM radio you can help out. Go to the page linked below and ...
Melovine @ The Loading Dock
Melovine @ The Loading Dock. Share/Bookmark.
Wanna Help Melovine Out?
Sure you do! Check out the Roadrunner SignMeTo page, listen to some tunes, rate and/or review it, let's get that rating up! Melovine. Share/Bookmark.
TONIGHT! Melovine, Elysian, & Inura
Playing at the 19th Hole is Spring/Woodlands (202 Sawdust Rd.). Come out and party with us! Share/Bookmark.
Melovine Summer Tour 2010 Video
Check this video out that Grayson of Park Lane put together of Melovine. If you don't know, Park Lane is a great band out of California that was on tour with Melovine, check them out! ...
Melovine Performing 'Pluto' Live
Melovine performing 'Pluto' at Scout Bar on 7/17/2010. Share/Bookmark.
Melovine Stickers Are Here!
Just got the first order to sell in. They will be for sale at the Melovine show on Sept. 5th, if you want one before then, contact Dex, he will be selling them until then. Melovine Sticker.
The New Review - Melovine - Blight 4.5 of 5 stars!
While a majority of the prospected music fails to make the cut, eventually an artist is encountered that widens the eyes and shoots shivers down the spine. Galveston, Texas’ alternative metal act Melovine and their moody, yet powerful second full length album, Blight, is an appropriate example of running into the elusive.
OK boys and girls, I was fortunate enough to hang out at Melovine's practice last night and be a fly on the wall while they gear up for Saturday, all I can say is you WON'T be disappointed! Yeah, easy for me to say, I'm obviously a big ...
Need to Light A Match? MELOVINE’s New CD “BLIGHT” is Hot Enough to Do It!
The songs on “Blight” are not going to disappoint.

They are “heavy metal”, but…
They are “melodic”, but…
Their song elements are a twisted mix of everything that’s right, NO but…

This is what’s so great about Melovine’s sound. The variation in the vocals along with a powerful rock fist of instrumental fury that make “Blight” a CD you need to get this Saturday night at Scout Bar Houston.
10 Years, Parabelle, The Last Place You Look and Melovine @ Scout ...
Melovine: A Super Hero To Their Fans At Scout Bar Houston
While it may have said Sevendust was the headliner on paper, it was obvious that Melovine was the reason Scout Bar was full (did I mention how packed it was?) at 8:30pm.
Sevendust – MELOVINE
Sevendust – MELOVINE Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 7:00 PM Scout Bar 18307 Egret Bay Boulevard , Houston , Texas 77058 United States. See original here: Sevendust – MELOVINE.
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